Receiving gifts is one of my love languages. If you’d like to spoil me please use the following link, then let me thank you properly behind closed doors x


Drink: Non-alcoholic sparkling wine, non-alcoholic amaretto sour, non-alcoholic G&T
Coffee: Almond cappuccino
Cuisine: Italian, Japanese, Asian-Fusion, Thai
Flowers: Peonies, Native Australian flowers
Date: Dinner, outdoor activities, live music, trip away
City: Melbourne
Music: Rufus du Sol, Elderbrook, Taylor Swift, Lana del Rey, electronic music, country music
TV show: Love Island, MAFS, Below Deck, Hunted
AFL team: Bulldogs
Animal: Cats & horses
Colour: Pink
Hobbies: Yoga, dancing, reality TV, cooking, reading, musicals, comedy, playing guitar, live music, sewing, horse riding, hiking, Tarot & spirituality.

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